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Blackgoat is a leading digital marketing agency in India. We do 360-degree digital marketing services including Pay Per Click advertising, Social media marketing, SEO, and Email marketing. Our creative team will help you in developing an internet marketing strategy most suited for your business.

Choose From Our Digital Marketing Services

Pay Per Click Advertising

Do you want your business on the first page of google? But how??

With billions of searches on the internet, google get millions of clicks per day. So, to drive more traffic to your website, PPC advertising is a sure shot. By displaying your google ads, you can advertise locally as well as globally and generate quality leads.

Blackgoat, the best pay per click (PPC) agency, specialises in providing PPC advertising services at any budget.

Our PPC Services includes

  • Google Search AdWords and Google Shopping Campaigns – It is a direct and fastest way to target your audience though it can be expensive. But our team will optimize your spends by helping you bid on the right keyword that are relevant to your business.
  • Social Media Advertising – We will help you make your own social media presence by putting advertisements on your favorite social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram. These advertisements can be in the form of PPC on the social pages of the targeted audience to maximize conversions per impression (CPI).
  • Google Display Network (GDN) – It is an effective strategic marketing tool under the Display Network of Google AdWords which includes the display of visual banner ads or text on websites. Through our catchy banner ads, you can promote your services or products and therefore, increase your impressions.
  • Remarketing – We will run sharply targeted, low cost remarketing ad campaigns to target users who visited your website but did not buy your service or product. Our aim is to tempt users to buy from you and improve the chances of conversion.

Search Engine Optimization

Blackgoat ensures that your site is optimized by implementing best in class on page and off page SEO techniques. Our technical SEO services will boost your organic traffic, increase your search engine rank and also recover your site from any current penalties.

If you are looking at any of our services – eCommerce SEO, Mobile SEO, Local SEO, international SEO, SEO-compatible website design, SEO audit, then contact us! We would love to help you in optimizing your website organically to drive the right traffic to your site.

Social Media Marketing

Blackgoat as a social media marketing agency understands the algorithm of the social platform as they all work differently, whether its Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin or Instagram. When on facebook, the key factor that affects its ranking is its relevance score whereas on youtube, it’s the total watch time of the video per session.

Our aim is to entice new and unique visitors to your business page thus increasing your organic reach on social media. Blackgoat expertise in Social Media Optimization(SMO) and helps you run a custom social marketing campaign based on your business requirement.

Email Marketing

The goal of an email marketing agency is to be customer centric and drive more engagements. Our agency’s email marketing services increases your brand awareness, grow website traffic, promote your product and services, and generate quality leads.

At blackgoat, we will assist you in every step of the way and craft engaging newsletters that  helps you convert more recipients.

Our Philosophy

It’s our belief that creativity can lead to unexpected possibilities. It can bring great ideas to life and transform the destiny of a brand. We strive to merge creativity with intellect and cutting-edge tech to help our clients achieve the success they deserve.

Why ‘Black Goat’?

In many cultures, myths, and folklores, the goat is depicted as a symbol of persistence, perseverance, and creative force. These are values and attitudes that we closely identify ourselves with, hence the name. sounds cool ? Isn”t ?

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